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Jenny Cooper 

Places I’ve visited:
St Petersburg, UK, Ireland, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Tahiti, USA, NZ, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Pacific Islands, Thailand, so many countries in Europe including Italy, Greece Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Serbia, Austria and Estonia to name a few - after all Europe is big - and numerous cruises. That will do, I can’t remember them all, and I nearly forgot Australia.

Favourite destination:
New York. 

Jim and I had six nights in New York, and it wasn’t enough! I was in awe of the Big Apple and I know I missed so much, I need to go back and do it all again.

Most memorable experience:
Being a part of the Disneyland 50th Birthday celebrations in 2006, as a guest of Disney, we were so spoilt, so many wonderful memories!

When I go the first thing I pack is:
Spare undies in my carry on, and of course my passport and travel insurance. 

My dream holiday:
Wow, how hard it is to answer that question... Top of the bucket list is Antarctica before they limit how many visitors can visit such a pristine part of the world.

Jim Cooper 

Places I have visited:
I have virtually covered the world. I have travelled out of the country more than 100 times. I went looking for my old passports to have a look at some of the countries and thought WOW, I’ve been a very lucky person!

Favourite destination:
Bali, New York and London to mention a few but a favourite holiday of mine is a cruise.

A cruise is so relaxing and you only have to unpack once. A cruise is the most affordable holiday you can have. 
Most memorable travel experience:
My first trip to the USA I arrived in Los Angeles the morning the Rodney King Riots broke out. This was a bit of a hair rising experience.  The other memorable experience was standing on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood and have not one friend walk up and say "Hi", but two friends, within five minutes of each other. Freaky!

When I go the first thing I pack is:
Jocks and socks, and a bit of reading material. 

My dream holiday:
Fly to Los Angeles first class. Cruise to the Mexican Riviera and then thru the Panama Canal to Cancun for a week, then fly to New York for 10 days, cruise on QM2 across the Atlantic to London for a week, then to Paris for a week before heading off to the Amalfi Coast of Italy for seven days, and finishing it off by cruising around the Greek Islands for two weeks. That’s a holiday!



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